Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

And somewhere I am sure there is an old man snoring. It has been quite a bit cooler lately. Some days it feels so fallish and I am glad to wear jeans and long shirts. And then an afternoon will clear up and get hot and I remember," Oh that's right. It is only August." Silly weather. So silly that last night for the neighborhood girls' get together, most of us drove. Even though it was one block to the hosting house.

Shane always throws the paper up inthe mornings before he leaves. This particular morning, he got a little over zealous and maybe had flashbacks to his paper route days. He held it by the plastic wrapper, wound it up, and sent it sailing. It landed on the roof. I was really glad it did not get stuck in the gutter because it was Monday and Mondays are just a little less harsh if I have coffee and the WSJ to look forward to. And I was really glad it was positioned just under the side of the window that opened so all I had to do was pop off the screen and grab it.

On Seafair, we went to my parents. I was sillly and forgot my camera. Kateri and Gretl were so cute all day playing and holding hands as we walked along the Boulevard. Then Shane remembered his phone. So though the quality is not fabulous, you can still see how cute the girls are.
Speaking of Kateri, yesterday she came downstairs and said Pippin had a wet diaper but she would change it. She grabbed a diaper out of the drawer and then said she she should take some wipes too. She took them upstairs. A few minutes later Pippin came down in a new diaper. Followed by Kateri carrying a bundled up diaper which she handed me as she passed and said,
"Pippin just had a poop." Like it was something silly but no worries, she took care of it.
The next day she offered her services again. I watched this time and she did it like a pro. I can see the headlines now'
"Five Year Old Opens Day Care"
She just came in to show me some stickers she got in her toe. Some were bleeding but she didnt' want any help removing the remaning 6. As she pulled them out blood started to pool up on the top of her toe. All she said was a very dis-passionate,
"Wow, look at that."
McCain could far worse in choosing a VP. They'd have to get a really small podium though.

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