Monday, August 18, 2008

Sailor Pips

I've been working- or trying- to get organized before the school year starts. After working on the books and things I decided to tackle the storage room. Well I got as far as un-packing this little sailor suit and looking it over decieded I'd better try it on Pippin ASAP. So I put everything else down and grabbed the camera. He was so excited to try it on. I don't know who made it, butit real wool and very well sewn. I think it belonged to Shane's uncle. His father was in the Navy. I'm not sure though. You can set the record straight GG. It would be good to have the story right.
Shane's grandmother did her part and has some really neat stories about weaving torpedo nets. Kateri felt she needed to do her part too and tried to enlist. Unfortunately the neck was not roomy enough for her hair. But she still wanted a picture.

This was dinner a couple nights ago. It had been very warm for several days and I was not wanting to heat up the kitchen so I just made tastly little treats instead- crackers with ricotta, basil, tomato, and balsamic vinegar and some apples and gorgonzola. Very tasty.
Unlike the new wine Shane brought home. It was $60 but we much preferred the $25 Earthquake.

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