Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wake Me Up When June Comes

September is here ,and with it came the warm weather that should have been in August. I was just starting to feel comfortable to the cool morning with hot coffee, cozy pants, and school work around the kitchen table. And then it it got warm again. So I decided we'd wait to open our books until next week. Besides, we still have a family vacation to go on. I figured that would be the end of our summer.
I did, however, sign up Audrey for a literature class. She loves to read, not as much write- unless its for fun-but I decided it was time to move on from Nancy Drew and The Black Stallion. So now she'll be reading Chesterton and doing various styles of writing. The class starts today and I am interested to see how she likes it. I'm not sure how much it will work to drive to Mercer Island every week, with all four kids, and keep them entertained for 2 hours. Or keep Pippin from falling asleep on the way home and ruining his bed time. But I guess we'll see.

I'm not a huge fan driving. Much less in traffic. Even more in downtown traffic. So Tuesday was a good day for me. Cyril had an appt with a urologist- the first guy just wanted to cut him. I said I'd like a second opinion. So I had been waiting for a particular doctor and had to schedule this appt months ago. They ended up having a cancellation and we were able to go in a month early. They sent directions to their Eastside office but when we arrived were told the doctor was at the Seattle office. I knew I wouldn't make it in 15 min but the receptionist said if I showed up in the next couple hours, they would see him.

Cyril was not happy. He asked the entire time if we could just go back to grandma's so he could play. I was tempted but really wanted to get the appt overwith so we headed to Seattle. Where there was traffic and construction all around the hospital and the entire drive Cyril begging to just go home. Then he started complaining how it was better to be a girl. As he put it,

"Girls don't have these kinds of problems. All girls do is clean messes."

Anyway, the appointment went well. The doctor did not recommend cutting him. The first thing she asked was if any ointments had been tried. I told her the first doctor said he didn't know of any such thing, when I told him my pediatrician suggested that would be the course of action the urologist would prescribe. She said there is and its very commonly used and wrote up a slip. So, everything is fine. We got the ointment. And in a month things should be fine.

And there was no discussing of anatomy at the dinner table that night. The first appointment ,the doctor gently explained what and why he would need to look at. Cyril stared at him blankly. Thinking Cyril was shy, the doctor went on to say that only a doctor or his mom or dad could do this and asked if it would be ok for him to have a look. Cyril still just sat there. Then I realized the problem. Cyril had no idea what the doctor was asking to see . I leaned over and translated for him and he was fine cooperating. That night we ate dinner with Shane's parent's house. And Cyril decided, between bites of mashed potatoes, to share his new found knowledge,

"Some people call it a nee-nee. But it's really called a penis."

I offered to clean up the dinner mess.

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