Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never Poke Your Uncle With A Fork

Never poke your uncle with a fork,
never kick your uncle in the shins,
never bop your uncle with a cork...
these are all unpardonable sins.
If you grab your uncle by the nose,
if you put potatoes on his lap,
if you drop spaghetti on his clothes,
he will make you go and take a nap.
When you're at the table, precious child,
if you start to mixbehave, and act
thoroughly undisciplined and wild,
he will gnash his teeth, and that's a fact.
If you jab your uncle with a spoon,
if you prod your uncle with a bone,
you will leave the table very soon,
and have to eat your dinner all alone.
-Jack Prelutsky

We have been working on manners, graces, and just decent behavior lately. My mom gave me a book called"Everyday Graces" filled with stories to illustrate various desireable traits. Audrey was thumbing through and came across the above poem during breakfast . She laughed, and laughed, and then read it out loud to us. Instead of having the intended reaction, she and Cyril talked about doing all the listed atrocities to Uncle Cameron. I think they have enough material to write their own poem.

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