Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids Go Political

We finally received our McCain/Palin sign today. We don't much in the front strip that would make a very visable placement. So I opted for Audrey's window. I had explained who McCain was and how we wanted him for president- which Audrey already knew. She thought it was great. Then all through our shopping at QFC the kids were chanting, "WE WANT MCCAIN". And Cyprian kept talking about "Mommy's getting a PRESENT for McCain"
We had a neighborhood barbecue this week-end. So of course it rained. We sat and ate in the garage, fabulous smoked and barbecued pork ribs, shoulders, and turkey. We brought chocolate dipped cream puffs and lemon drops. And another neighbor brough Nacho Libre corn. No one lost an eye and we only had to change the kids clothes a few times due to lots of bike riding in the rain. And they all slept very well that night.

Pippin spent the entire evening running up and down the driveway on his tricycle. He didn't mind the rain at all, but was happy when I changed him half way through the party.
So now we are feeling summer has officially ended. We even lit the pilot lights and have turned on the fireplaces a few evenings. I remember at the old house- it was so memorable because I got to chop the wood and build the fire-we started lighting fires the first week of October. So it is a little early this year. But it is only the mornings and evenings so we haven't turned the furnace on yet. Which reminds me, I need to have Shane set the thermostat. It requires something like "30 easy steps" and you have to set the temperature 4 times for each day. And then specially on the week-end. We had some hot nights and cold mornings a few day of the week last year. So I think I'll pass it on to Shane this year.

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