Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catch Up ll

We spent three days at Ft Worden with Shane's family. It was a blast. We had perfect weather, lots of things to explore, good food, good company, and at the end of each day-tired kids. We also had tired adults. We had planned on getting the kids to bed and playing games. But each night we were all so tired we just went to bed. Cyril and Azriel exploring the "buckers".

The view looking down the from bunker hill.

"The walls have been breached, the walls have been breached!"

Here is Officer's Row, where our house was. It was so cute.
We even did som kite flying. The wind was not perfect but Pippin got a little lift to his by running and running. He felt he was flying kite and was happy.
Hiding in an old vault.

Audrey thought this looked like the Narnain ruins of Cair Paravel. Here she is enthroned.

Cyril about to enter the tunnel.

Pippin's orc face. He was looking at sea creatures at the aquarium.

Here are the girls- Kateri, Audrey, and Avi. You could touch the starfish and other creatures.

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