Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah, Shane fixed my Camera- real pictures from the week-end

I took none of the following pictures, as evidenced by the quality and clarity of said pictures. Luckily, Dave has a nice camera and being a journalist/news paper editor, has an eye for good photos and a good story to go with them. Looking over the pictures, which Shane explained their location to me, again, makes me want to take a photography class. Or maybe just get a nicer camera. Or maybe learn how to usr mine. I told Shane it was not working well and he went over the very fine mechanical details of why a picture comes out blurry. When you have the flash off. I don't know why I turned it off in the first place but I didn't realize it was and just kept snapping pictures hoping it would get better. Anyway, its fixed now. But here are the good pictures from the week-end. Kateri and Pippin are preparing for the hike.
Cyril, obviously not concerned about checking a weapon by looking down its barrel, especially when someone else is holding it.
I love the way the boys swing, neither being tall enough to sit in them.

Kateri and Elijah take little break while working on the battle plans.

Jonah and Cyril in their fox hole- Jonah foraging for sustenance as the supply truck is late while Cyril wonders if its smart to have a blinking red light on your sniper rifle, and if his gun is loaded.
Elijah's version of Blue Steel.

Shane just hanging out.
Audrey takes a leap.
Shane's Matrix move.

Cyril, obviously having a really good day-the battle is won, the sand is soft, his clothes are filthy, and all's right with the world.

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