Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I feel spotty, oh so spotty, oh so spotty, and knotty, and gray!

So Spotty- So I've been tinkering with some new medications prescribed by my naturopath and trying to figure out the right dosages. I had not tried them before as I was nursing, pregnant, or both for the last 10 years and they were not compatible. But since Pippin has not nursed since January and I am currently not pregnant- there, now nobody has has to ask-and as the last year bas been a bit up and down I decided to give them a go. So far they seem helpful in most respects.

Unfortunately, one of the side effect is acne. Lots of it. I had never heard the term "bacne" but am now currently its most enthusiastic supporter. Or hoster. It takes me back to the rather uncomfortable teenage years and in fact I was trying to remember what ever I tried to address those lovely protuberances, and what worked- or in my case didn't. At least I am saved the emotional roller coasters and silly crushes and wanting to look cute so somebody who didn't care- jerks-would notice and all those really pointless times worrying about things that didn't matter that went along with that stage. Shane is very sweet and doesn't even mention Mons Olympus sticking out the side of my neck. So nice.

Well, another loverly bonus has been itchy scalp. Which as I write that I realize could be so much worse. However, it does sometimes contribute to little white flecks in my dark tresses and so, feeling not the apex of beauty I decided to run to the drug store for some help. I browsed the aisles reading all the promising testimonials and wondering if the same ingredient they use to kill warts is safe to use on your face. And if it wasn't would it really make that much of a difference. And is tar- just becasue its natural-really all right to use on color treated hair. Oh, yes. I started that a couple months ago. Now, no one has to wonder. I figured my hair is really the only thing I've got that hasn't been streched beyond all believable porportions, does not need anti-gravity support to return to its proper place, and that I can influence positively without a scalpel and anesthesia. And besides, given everything else and the fact that I am only 30 I felt fine paying someone to cover up the gray. Actually, I used to just pull them out. But as time went on, it took way too much time and then with the ususal hair loss that goes along with everything, it was starting to look a little thin. I've been pleased with it for now. Apparently, it looks ok because it took Shane 45 min to notice something was different. He was the one giving me a hard time about how many grays I had before so it wasn't like it was not a big diference.

So, there I was as Bartell's, picking out oil-free bump-be-gone ointment and flake-away shampoo. I was tempted to throw in some toenail fungus cream and maybe some Tucks medicated pads to just round out the order. But I remembered I had got those last time. So far its made me optimistic and I feel I have enough hope of my own that I don't even need to vote for Obama. I did however read the fine print and the shampoo says in very rare instances it may cause discoloration to gray and color treated hair. Hooray. Now I can be tri-colored.

Just to make everything better today, I decided for no good reason to move the big pile of rubber mulch sitting in the driveway waiting for spreading under the playset. ITs in bags so I used the dolly to load them up and move them to the back. I'm actually not really clear as to why I wanted to do it. Was it so I could potentially kill more grass by stacking it up? Or maybe so I could risk the kids climbing and possibly spilling out the little pellets? I'll never know. Because all I can think about now is how getting 28 25lb bags moved half way to their final destination was not worth throwing my back out. Which I really needed at this juncture. I immediately told Audrey to grab Pippin, we were going inside now. Where I would stay the rest of the day. With a hot water bottle and some Motrin. They are both helping and I am being very careful to not move in any way that may be considered hostile. I can walk ok but have a feeling washing dishes would not be smart right now.

Shane actually made it home early- he didn't even know about my back- which was wonderful. And after doing some work at home he was called by the wind up to Jetty Island. So he and Cyril headed up there. Which was also wonderful. Its slightly more peaceful now. And maybe I'll get some time for a face treatment. Or back and neck. Or shoulders. Sounds like a spa treatment. But it isn't. But first I have to heat up my water bottle.

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