Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jetty Days Are Here Again

I had thought for Father's Day I might retreat to some exotic location, maybe Tahiti, or even just spend some time at a spa. But in the end we all went to Jetty Island and played on the beach. The kids love it there, and aside from having to walk a quarter of mile to use the floating restroom, I thought it was a great time too. Can you find Kateri in this picture? I think she was practicing for her Navy Seal test.

Shane did get to ride a little. The wind was not great but he did some body dragging with Cyril which was fun.
Cyril had a little trouble getting his wetsuit on and went to ask Papa for help. The only problem was he had to climb up a sand cliff like a penguin. Which I thought was very entertaining.
Shane and Cyril prepare for a drag.

Cyril found a stick shaped like a musket and was entertained shooting whatever. Pippin had a little stick which resembled a Derringer, and fought back. So we were pretty much set for the day. Who needs plastic.
Shane's kite made a great little shelter from the wind. Kateri had packed her paper and pen so she could write letters. I think she said it was for Jack. I'm not sure how long she thought we were going to stay there.
Venus emerging from the sea. In her younger brother's truck t-shirt.

Pippin and Tiri had a great time jumping off the sand cliff and "bouncing" all the way down.

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