Monday, June 9, 2008

I Hope My Kids Are Coming Down With Something

Because someone in the house needs medication. If not them, then me. Some days I wonder just how long this can go on. By this I mean when will they run out of mischeivious, destructive, whiny behaviour. There have been no visits from gummi bears so I guess that is one blessing. However, there has been a massive influx of highly emotionally charged events one of which was literally, crying over spilled milk. It was Audrey's milk and she didn't cry. Cyril did because he knocked it over so I told him to clean it up. But he pointed out it was not his and it was her fault because she had called him over to her spot to look at something and then he bumped it.

Cyprian has been crying all morning for Papa, which I appreciate for its demonstration of him not being so mommy dependent, but given Shane will not be home for at least another four hours, was not an encouraging way to start the morning. And from there we mourned for lost band-aids, the existence of boundaries, and the lack of a full-time nanny. That last one was me. Actually, I mourned the loss of one of my very nice Pewter and glass wine glasses that Shane got me for Christmas. Which got broken because I was distracted trying to do reading with Cyril while Pippin was crying for Papa and did notice, in time to intercept, Kateri climbing up and getting into the cupboard to get Mac and Tab which was next to, the wine glasses.

So that is why I am hoping they are getting sick because that would mean it will in time pass.

OH, but I think the best part of the day was when Cyril came in to repot Kateri had stepped on Cyprian's face. He was ok so I went and found her and hauled her off to her room for some quiet time. I asked,

"Kateri, why in the world would you step on your brother's head?"

She sobbed, "But there's nothing fun to do."

And then later I found Cyprian, who felt inspired by Clifford the Big Red Dog, and drew Big Red Doodles all over the bonus room walls with a pencil. Once again, a permanent marker would have been more destructive but I'm tired of trying to make myself content with "That could have been a lot worse". I'm finding it not a very fulfilling way to live.

I did not photograph the "mural' but quickly rubbed it away with a Mr. Clean magic eraser. And then I discovered it did not so much erase as it spread the offending substance to make a faint pink blush over the entire area. So I rubbed harder and found that if the eraser can't remove the color, it will fix the problem by removing the paint. But it does kind make a paste so you can try to smooth it over the bare spots and it doesn't look so bad. Luckily, I have some spray texture and paint so it won't be impossilbe to fix. But I am seriously wondering if its worth it. I knew feeding them lunch was a bad idea. It did not stop the whining and only gave them more fuel for their crazy antics.

And its only afternoon. I sincerely hope there will be no more reasons to add to this post today. I hope someone finds it entertaining and maybe if your day is not going so swimmingly you can be comforted by the fact that at least it wasn't worse.

I'm thinking summer camp.

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