Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who Needs A Playset.....

When you have walls to climb? Its hard to see but Cyril was climbing the other doorway behind her. I remember doing the same thing at my parents' house and it was fun. I'm not sure what I think about it now. It is pretty entertaining to see her slide down.

Shane bought this for me, recommended by Lars and Hannah- the chefs on the Discovery. The first half is just the science of how bread works and why and when you should or should not do certain things to the dough etc. I have not tried any recipes yet but I am excited to try some new breads and rolls and trickier breads. Soon.

This was Shane's treat for me to wake up to- coffee and the paper. The paper was good. Unfortunately the cups were just leftovers from his truck. I was just happy he hadn't found a lunch box from work and left that too.

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