Monday, June 9, 2008

Just What is a Gummi Bear Poop ,You Ask?

So, the other night we decided to have a late dinner for two and after the kids were fed we set them up upstiars with some games and things and we came down to eat. Alone. Shane wanted a roast but the butcher was away and he couldn't get the cut I needed so he just got some steaks and I made the carmelized onion and brandy- because we were out of cognac- topping and mashed potaotes to go with it. He also picked up a new wine to try which was very tasty. Kateri, of course, cannot not be invited to a party, so I gave her some mashed potatoes and a sip of "why-un" before she went up stairs.

We were very much enjoying ourselves and I had just begun to relax- always a bad thing- when Cyril hollered down the stairs,

"Mom, you need to come up stairs"

"Why?" I sobbed, inwardly.

"Kateri pooped", he said.

"That's fine. She can take care of it." The girl can cook, change diapers, control a crowd and if she was little taller, drive. I know she can also use the bathroom unassisted.

"But you need to seet this. Its a gummi bear pooo," he explained.

I almost choked on my wine. What in the world was a gummi bear poop and why did it warrant interrupting our nice evening?

"Cyril, she's a big girl. She knows what to do." I said ,trying to convince my self I did not in fact have to leave my hot dinner to do bathroom duty.

Cyril was insistent.

"But mom its on the floor."

Cursing the poop gods, I made one final attempt to be derelict in my parenting and called back,

"Just tell everyone not to touch it and go back in the room. I'll take care of it." (Later, I said to myself)

"But mom, it got on the rug", he explained ,delivering the final bullet and one we could not, although Shane had to convince me, ignore.

So we put on our haz-mat gear and went upstairs, prepared for the worst. Which was good. Beause it took us both to clean up Kateri, and the rug. I got the latter.

So, do you want to know what a gummi bear poop is? I"ll spare the details but the background is the kids have gummi bear vitamins, which they love. I've explained to them , in answer the their petitions for double doses, that too many vitamins can make you sick. And if you know what too much Vitamin C does to your bowels, you know what Cyril meant by a gummi bear poop. He was sure that was causing her problem. I am thinking it was the cherries she had eaten.

Oh, and to top it off, did I mention the fact she was not wearing any underwear? Only wide legged pants. I am sure it could have been worse, but I am still wondering how.

Kateri, all recovered and playing Pining Princess Looking Forlornly for her Lost Love.

This one's for you , Jack.

When she realized I had taken her picture she asked if I could take one to show to Jack, her cousin. So I told her to hold still and she struck the most dramatic pose she could think of.

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