Monday, December 3, 2007

December 1

Decmeber got off to a great start. It snowed most of the day and the kids were so excited to go out and play. Shane had already put up some lights, which always look prettier in the snow, and I had a few things up in the house so it felt very wintery-wonderland festive.
The kids had fun playing and sledding. I had a great time dressing and undressing freezing wet kids and trying to keep the door closed. I didn't remember those parts of snow from when I was a kid. Cyprian was not to be left out and followed the big kids whenever they went out. Regardless of clothing . I don't know how he stood it. I put on my jacket and carried him out for a little while and was very soon ready to come in and sit by the fire. It was windy too so it felt extra chilly. In the evening we tried to venture out for dinner at Tirzah and Aaron's- lured by mushroom-cognac soup and pomegranat salad and a roast. Yes, I am still sad we had to miss it. But half way there, cars were doing 720's, which was kind of strange to watch, and the snow was not slowing down so we decided to turn around and make the long journey home. Made even longer by a bus that got stuck on an incline and cars were going around it in both directions- on a two lane road.
Back home we made some warm treats and opened a bottle of wine and though we still missed the company- and dinner- had a nice evening watching the snow.
The next morning we were awakend to a fresh blanket of snow that by 3pm turned to rain and melted everything. Now there are power outages and flooding and Shane said attendance at work was down a bit. We are all up and running and will hopefully stay that way. We are supposed to get some wind today as well. I think I'll go get some flashlights today just in case. It is still raining so we are back to our typical December weather. I think I might have to make soup for dinner.

I'll upload the video of Pippin's strip show tonight. He thought he could fix being cold by shedding whatever article of clothing he thought was making him cold. Then he'd march off to the door to go play some more. It didn't stop until all he had was a diaper and shirt, which he still tried.

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