Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kids activities

Cyprian has been carrying around this cardboard box and he tells me he has puppies- with a french accent its more like poopies- but not in his diaper. The box is completely empty but he thinks its great fun. He carried it up the stairs and when he tripped he looked inside it and told me they were sad. Got hurt. He is so compassionate when it comes to imaginary animals. Not so much his sister. So, I got the kids flashlights for events like power outages and they have been going through the batteies using them for light sabers or anything else. THey like to play blackout and turn off all the lights and then run in circles around the house until they trip.
I tried to convince them to play hiding in the catacombs and being absolutely silent but Cyril pointed out that if you were found you'd get killed and then you'd go to heaven and that would be the best thing. So I just let them come up with their own games.
But yesterday Pippin and Kateri invented a new game we call the "Rodney King Christmas Special". They pull down my little Christmas tree and beat it with their flashlights. It has bells on it so it makes nice sounds as it is being bludgeoned. I love how creative they are.

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