Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I started the thankful list in my head just now. Bleach, Lysol, and baking soda were at the top but only because they were the most recently used gifts. And because now I can walk into Cyril's room without being accosted. The boys decided to see if a toilet was really necessary or if they could spend a day without leaving the bedroom. They did pretty well and luckily only used plastic receptacles that could be bleached or thrown away. Oh, and I am thankful for washable crayons. Cyprian felt inspired by the public bathroom atmosphere and decided to grafitti al over the wall. I have not pictures of the above events. I was too busy scrubbing and trying to supress the gag reflex.
But on to better things, the kids had a great time with the cousins and the adults all got along nicely. ONe of my favorit highlights was m brother in law, Dave's, impersonation of Sean Connery in the role of Saurumon. Complete with facial expressions and all. Too bad we didn't get in on video. Something to put on the list of things to do for next year. I have more pictures but a lot turned out kind of fuzzy and I can't fit any more on this post anyway so I'll add some later.

The house felt so empty after everyone left on Sunday. The kids have been a little restless. I've been working on collecting Christmas projects and things for them to do. After one trip to Michaels- where we actually had to stop at Kohl's to buy Cyril some pants because his jeans all have holes and he won't wear those but only his cut-off shorts-I decided I had better find some things on-line instead. I did find some nativity people and maybe we'll paint a character a day. I want to get some ornaments they can help make too. I think they had some at Michael's but we did not make it that far. We did, however, find the little flying Santa candy stick with a propellor. I decided that was exactly what Pippin needed and he immediatly was quiet. And stayed entertained all through lunch at Red Robin. Considering it was just myself and the 4 kids and I got to eat my lunch, I was feeling it was $5 very well spent. Cyprian "Ah coookeen dinner a Papa" He was helping saute the apples and leeks for the dressing. And as you can tell by the look on his face, taking his kithen duties very seriously. He did see Ratatouille the night before.
Friday night the guys all went to see Beowolf in 3-D. Pippin thought the new glasses were pretty sweet.
Trudy brought her warming dishes and we set up a buffet. I think that is the way to go for keeping things warm for seconds and thirds. And they look so pretty too.

Cyprian, Kateri, and Elijah looking for Goldbug.

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