Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Follow-up on Kateri

Kateri finally had her appointment at Children's yesterday. To make a long story really short, compared to the day, the hearing tests showed about the same results as the first one- only a little worse. The next step is to try and find out why. Her inner hearing is better than her outer -or maybe it was middle- but you can't really bypass the outer. Anyway my brain is pretty mushy but I did have the presence of mind to ask for a copy of the test. They said in her right ear her hearing at a pitch about middle C on up- or was it down- is pretty bad. as is my memory right now. Until you you get to a really high pitch. So they ordered some more tests- a CT and an EKG. Apparently there is some strange connection with heart issues and hearing loss. Shane and his mom both have irregular heart rythms so Dr. Sei thought we should check it out. I was impressed with the people there- not so much with the wait time-and their system seems very well organized. We will schedule the tests for 3-4 months out as she should have a hearing evaluation again- and routinely every four months or so for a while- so we will do them all in one day. And pack a lunch this time.

They gave her pictures to color and stickers and she was completely in her element. She loves the attention and is very co-operative. Plus she was there with just mom and dad so it was special. ON the way home we stopped at Varlamo's for pizza. As did most of Laurelhurst. I finally overheard someone commenting that Monday was 1/2 price calzones. So be warned if you stop in on a Monday. We waited it out and finally got home around 8:00. We'd been gone since 2:30 so it was a long day. And I am still tired. Sorry for the not terribly informative post. I'll talk to Shane and get the real story of what happened and post any corrections later.

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