Thursday, October 4, 2012

No baby yet

Which is not surprising. None of mine were early, and half were almost a week late. Plus some of us have  colds, so I am hoping we can get over them quickly and then move on to baby. My cold just started last night, at precisely 5am, so another week, which would put me at my due date, could be very useful. But so far it  all is quiet on the western front and I am enjoying slowly, and thoughtfully, preparing. I am so excited to get all my cozy stretchy pants washed and ready and my non-maternity stretchy shirts. And get the fridge cleaned out and stocked with good, quick snacks. Actually, I am not excited to clean the fridge at all. But it needs it and I know I won't want to later. And there is not room for tasty snacks in it as is, so maybe this week-end. If the baby came next Friday, that would be great. Then I'd have Shane for the week-end, and I could watch the vice-presidential debate without the newborn haze, which I am expecting to be very entertaining. The debate. Not the newborn haze. Oh, and I need new socks and  slippers. And speaking of clothes I was laughing at the lovely undergarment sent in my birth kit. Large netted, what look like boxer briefs. And they only come in two  sizes. Large and Extra Large. My midwife calls them the Victoria's Secret Special. Then she told me to forget them and just get some depends for the first few days. Hadn't thought of that before but I'd like to limit laundry/sheet washing, so I picked some up. I didn't tell Shane. But they are pink, or maybe peach, and don't look too industrial. And  hopefully they will be useful. I'll let you know.

My sister and mother-in-law both offered to throw me a shower. I have not had one since Audrey and had given away all my little  baby things. Plus I like cake, Kateri loves a party, so they planned one. It was lovely, the weather was wonderful and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. There are pictures, but I have not downloaded them and I only took two, so I will have to steal some from other people.

This week I went and picked out a car seat, finally, and now I think we are totally ready. Well maybe some more diapers. I debated on doing cloth again or not.  I do like the softness of cotton and there are so many new options out there. We had just used the Baby diaper service, which was great, but when my hands started having problems fastening the pins I switched. Now they have  diaper covers that don't require pins. But in the end, convenience won and I decided to just start with disposable and see where we go from there. Actually, I had bought Kateri a pack of newborn diapers for her baby doll a while back.  I just scrounged up some of those for now, I think just a handful, so I do need to get more.

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