Monday, September 17, 2012

36 weeks...and counting

Aside from the long bouts of insomnia in the middle of the nights lately, pregnancy and our school routine, are going fairly well. I feel like a character from the Walking Dead some days, but that is good prep for new mommy (not) sleep, so maybe it may help with that transition.

I have moved into the midwife appt every week now. It seems to have come quickly, what with everyone being well and all. I even got my birth kit last week and thought "Ok. I guess I'm ready whenever it starts". Except Shane was several hours away on a 'come-over-and-let-me-pull-you-around-the-lake-like-a-rag-doll-until-you-can't-move guy trip. It's an annual thing and every year I pray he comes home in one piece and still able to earn a living. He did. So now we are good to go.

Last week was extra busy. Kateri had an appt to get fitted for a hearing aid, again. We had tried it a few years ago but she was not impressed and we decided to hold off a bit. But now that she is bigger there are more options, and hopefully ones she can tolerate better. She was lamenting, when school started, the fact there was no one to play with and how she wanted to go to the local school with all the neighbor kids. I tried to explain that it would not all be play time.  But seriously, I think she would love the routine and the social aspect of being in a classroom and do well. And she'd probably get in trouble for talking, every day.

I think next year we will put her in some of the co-op classes where the big kids take some lessons. And then I thought the hearing aid might be really useful, as the teacher would not be sitting next to her. So we went. On the way she was chatting about how it will be and how she can turn it up so when they are watching a movie and the other kids can't hear it, she'll be able to and then the other kids will be like "What?"   That was her exact word. The trial hearing aid will not be ready until next month, but she enjoyed picking it out- a marbled purple with sparkles-and getting the pink goo squirt in her ear. I am glad she is excited about it.

Then I had a midwife appointment. I hit the 36 week mark. And it hurt. I feel so ready to not huff and puff just rolling over in bed, to eat a normal sized meal, to wear whatever pants I want, and to stop collecting souvenirs of the day's events and meals on my belly. And to see my toes. I know afterwards I'll probably look back fondly on the days when there was no crying, my arms were free, and I could drink a whole cup of coffee while it was still hot. But right now I am feeling over-stretched and ready to move on and make plans for how our daily routines will change. And then I think of this:

And I remember the crying baby pulling at your feet while you stare blankly into the pantry wondering what to make, knowing that it will probably end up like the previous night and you'll ask Kateri to make French toast again. And then I think of Kateri. And how willing she is/will be to make dinner, or hold the baby, and clean the kitchen.  And then I feel like I will make it.

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