Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I was planning on using up the last of the nesting energies over the weekend  to get the kitchen, pantry, and fridge organized. To go shopping for some tasty quick snacks, maybe do some freezer cooking, and make plans for what the kids are going to need to do on their own when I am AWOL with a fussy or tired baby. Or so tired I cannot even make a cup of coffee. Fortunately, they can all make coffee, and at least feed themselves so we are not totally unprepared. I was however unprepared on Friday when I opened the freezer to find everything melted and dripping and the fridge full of almost room temperature food. (It was not due to a lack of cleaning, FYI). The repair guy came out the next day and diagnosed an issue with the communication between the mother board and the compressor. He rush ordered a part, which would arrive today, and said it could be repaired tomorrow. ('Could' being the operative word here.)

Well the part came a day early, so I called to see if they wanted to come out a day early to fix it as well. We do have a couple ice chests we keep filled so we can at least keep the milk and eggs cold. But I am getting tired of going out in the mornings to get milk for breakfast and having to refill the ice blocks, and it is starting to get cold out now and I have not gotten slippers yet so the whole thing is just kind of a nuisance. And of coursed that meant the big shopping stocking-up-trip was going to have to wait. Instead I thoroughly scrubbed out both the fridge and freezer and will now have to load up on some basic essentials that did not survive as well. So I was eager to get things settled and back to normal.

Side note: Pippin just came in and started reading over my shoulder. He read out loud "tasty quick snacks!' We are going to get some?"  He asked, his eyes wide with excitement.
 When I informed him that had been the plan, but now the fridge not working it would have to wait. He was very bummed. Then he asked if I'd ever been AWOL. He could not think of a time. Now he is stuck on going to get tasty quick snacks.

I however am stuck on the fact I called to let them know the part was here and was informed the repair was scheduled for the 18th!!! I informed the lady the repair man had told me tomorrow and my fridge was broken and I am expecting any day and cannot live out of an ice chest for another 8 days.

She said she'd let them know the part arrived. And I was scheduled for the 18th. So now I am wondering how difficult it is to replace a mother board. Any tips?

I did use the time to get the kids' beds ready for fall. Monday was beautiful and warm. Yesterday was cold and I turned the heat on. I figured it would be good to get it done now, so we washed all the bedding, got out flannel sheets and down blankets and I am making plans to go and get everyone slippers. Which do not require refrigeration so should be fine.

I will also be able to make my 40week midwife appt tomorrow, since the fridge guy isn't coming.  No signs of much activity there, but with things as they are I suppose it is OK. Colds are cleared up now. But I do hope the baby and the fridge do not have to wait until the 18th. I am ready to stop running into things with my belly and eating Tums like the most important  food group. And strangely enough I am looking forward to a new labor experience. Not that it is all new, but trying a water birth, if it feels good to me, and having it just be Shane and I for most of it. The midwife said she wants to observe me and the baby every 30 min or so, but will leave us alone for the rest. If that is what I want. It sounds cozy to me right now.

So now we are just waiting.

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Kayleena said...

oh and I find it so odd that they didn't suggest you get food. In all three of my births practically the first thing they said after I had the baby was to order food because I would need the nourishment. They seemed much more attentive to all of my needs than this place you describe :(