Friday, October 5, 2012

Familiar Territory

And not in a good familiar. The colds have been getting a bit more intense. The kids seem to be weathering it pretty well, and other than being a little whiny and needing extra sleep and then getting whinier when they don't get needed extra sleep, they are doing ok. Shane actually worked from home one day, which is unusual for him, but this morning he said he might be starting to feel better. I guess I got the end of the train cold and feel like I am trying to play catch up to everyone else. I think last night was the worst so far. I am sure the sleeping arrangements didn't help.

We had settled down into our respective sleeping places. Kateri's sleeping place being our bedroom floor. For some reason she just 'felt like she needed to sleep with someone'.
Shane had taken a thera-flu and was quickly off to dream land. I remembered I could take Benadryl and had taken one, but was not feeling any extra sleepiness  because of it. Unfortunately, when he has a stuffy nose Shane tends to snore. And as I was still awake it was keeping me from getting to sleep. So I got up and found Kateri coming back from blowing her nose. I suggested she come sleep with me in her bed. We grabbed out blankets and pillows and settled in. A few minutes later I heard a knocking on the bedroom door. I looked out and saw Pippin waiting to get entrance to our bedroom door. I had to call out loudly for him to hear me over the fan that I was in Kateri's room.

He came in and said he wanted someone to sleep with. I reminded him Cyril was in the  top bunk. He said that was not close enough. I told him the little bed was too full, but he could sleep on the floor. Or if he didn't mind snoring he could sleep in my bed. He went into my room and came out a minute later saying there was no snoring then went back in. I cozied in again looking forward to sleep, eventually.  Less than a minute later he pops out again and says 'it sounds scary in there.'

So I tell him to go sleep with Audrey,  hoping she is already asleep and won't be disturbed by it. he ends up getting in his own bed instead and I am thinking it is all done. Then I get the feeling of someone standing in the doorway. I roll over and see Audrey's silhouette there. I ask her what's up, and of course she can't hear over the fan so we volley back and forth with "What?" "I said what it is up?" "Huh?"

Finally she comes close enough to hear and I explain any noise she heard was Pippin going back and forth. She says she had something to tell me. I ask what. She says she can't remember now. So we say our good nights and I roll over to find a comfortable position, of which there are getting fewer and fewer. And then one of the boys gets up to go pee, banging the toilet seat hard on the way up and down. I am thinking we will practice 'how to go pee at night and not wake up the entire house' today.

As I finally got comfortable flashbacks of these days came into my head. Horrible, nasty days. But they made me appreciate so much where I/we are  now. Plus my father-in-law pointed out a new, to us, show 'Foyle's War' which has helped pass some time when the evenings start to get congested and unpleasant. And being a British production, goes very well with tea.

I think the kids are waking up now. I am glad they have all been able to sleep in  at least. At my midwife apt yesterday I was lamenting the timing of the cold- being due in one week. She said sometimes the body just waits until things are right to go into labor. Then she went on to say the cold (which is popping up all over)is not too bad, just really, really, long.  So maybe we'll have a Thanksgiving baby? I am glad Malachi is tucked away safe in all this. I did go get diapers yesterday and washed the last of his new outfits. I think today I will get the bed set up and clean the bathtub and shower.

And the fridge. Which I was planning on cleaning, and now that it seems to be broken and everything in it is warm and melted, will not wait until the weekend, as I had planned. I will be calling the repair guy at 10:00, when they open, though I am sure they probably can't come until next week so I had better get more ice for the cooler too. Good times. Glad I had not stocked up on lots of snacks to get spoiled yet.

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