Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Knock, Knock

Things have been fairly quiet here. The weather has been very fickle. I got a sunburn on Saturday. Sunday our outdoor party got rained out and we had to make alternate plans. My garden is doing mostly well. The slugs are still getting their snacks, but since Shane trimmed the grass around the boxes they have fewer places to hide and I think I am gaining on them.

We are rapidly losing interest in things like math and phonics. Cyril finished his reader yesterday. Audrey has a few more math lessons and I am looking forward to calling it quits. I was looking forward to a slower pace for summer. But then I signed the kids up for summer swim lessons, made chiropractic appointements for 2x a week, and we are continuing taking care of the horses once a week. Somewhere in there we will fit trips to the beach and other summer activities.

I've been super spacey the past few weeks and a litte on the grumpy side. Yesterday I had an appt with the chiropractor. Luckily Shane was able to work from home so I didn't have to haul the 4 kids with me. When I got in the car the "empty" light was lit up. But when I saw the ramp to the free way was already being light controlled, I figured I'd better not stop. It is crazy that a 12 min trip took 20 min,. At 10:00am! I got my last cel phone call while driving in, and the office said to come anyway.

On the way home I got lost, which is not unusual for me, but kind of ridiculous as I've been to the same building to see my midwife for three pregnancies. When I finally found the AMPM the silly card reader acted like it was not really a card reader, just a decorative slot for you to slide your card in and out of multiple times without giving you the slightest aknowledgement. Rather irritated, I darted across four lanes to the other gas station, which was far more responsive, and finally filled up. Then while sitting at the light, my phone rang. It has had this habit lately of hanging up and shutting off when I push the answer button. And as expected its usual performance. I saw it was Shane but didn't have time to boot up, enter my password, and dial before the light turned green. I was so frustrated I fantasized about smashing my phone repeatedly on my steering wheel. I could just feel the case cracking as I bludgeoned it again, and again. At least the visual made me laugh. Kind  of a laugh cry though.

Finally it connected a minute from home. It was Shane again, worried and wondering where I was. I told him the appointment was a little longer than I expected and I had gotten lost and had to stop for gas. Then I ranted about the phone for a bit and I told him I was ready for a new one. He's been wanting to get me  a Kin. I feel a little old for one, but if it is super user friendly and won't keep dying on me I'll take it.

I decided it was a soup kind of day, the rain had not left us yet. Just as I was sauteeing the shallots the doorbell rang. I left the pot and ran to open it, thinking it was one of the kids and would just be a second. No. It was a salesman. I told him I was in the middle of dinner- it was 6:00, what did he expect?. He said he'd just make it real brief. He was going to be doing some pest control in the neighborhood and since he's already be here he could give me a "really, really good rate". He had just signed up my neighbor "Doug" who had to replace his patio and was signed up for a spider control treatmen.

 Firstly, I don't know of a single neighbor named Doug. Secondly, all the houses around here have aggregate patios- which I loathe with  passion, and I'm not sure what spiders could do to them. Thirdly, my shallots were going to burn.

I told him again, I really had to go. He offered to come back. Actually , he just stated that he would come back. So I told him,

"Don't bother. We really don't need your services."

"You mean you don't have any pests you want to get rid of?"

"Just door-to-door-salesmen" I answered.

He look confused a second.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"Nothing" I said. Feeling kind of remorseful for being snippy. But really, why is is impolite to communicate in a "this can't mean anything else" way, but a sales man can trespass on your property, waste your time trying to get rid of him, and try to make you feel like you need whatever he is offering.  I told him seriosly, I was in the middle of making dinner. Thanks but no thanks. And finally shut the door
The shallots didn't burn. But I did burn the garlic twice and had to re-do it. Maybe I deserved it.

This morning after breakfast the kids looked out and saw in the swing set area a large rat loafing around. I had to wonder if possibly it was a set up.  I think a  pellet gun will be fine for pest control.

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