Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today is Kateri's Big Day. Where she gets put on frilly clothes. Be in the spot light. Command everyone's attention. And then dazzle her adoring fans with her ingenious and original antics, for which she'll get a standing ovation. Pretty much like every other day in her life so far. I get the honorof seeing her first this afternoon. Shane and Audrey will hit her second show  this evening. I'm not sure we'll ba able to recdord her dance, but I'm hoping so. Last time was such a hit. I think she might be a little more on top of the timing and choreography this time. But I'm secretely hoping we'll get to see  a  few Kateri original moves.
This performance will be a tap dance, which I think she is liking better than the ballet portion of the class. But what's not to really like about black shiny shoes that make satisfying clicks drawing attention to every step she makes. That is if you can hear them over the 'non stop  wanna see how quickly I can talk' monologue phase she is in. And being a girl, she can do both. At the same time. Which is nothing less than dizzying.
She posed for a few shots. The she went into photo shoot mode and went wild. When the Elvis poses started coming out, I figured we should stop. In looking over the pictures, I realize how much of her face you CAN'T see, because of her hair. Even with it all slicked back, the encroaching forest that is her bangs, takes up half her forhead.

Shane had to go To Texas this past week. So I had to make some curtains. Shane actually noticed them when he came home. He said they made the room look smaller and closed in. I told him I was glad he was home.

Maybe sheers would be a happy middle road. I need something to block or at least mute the sun when it comes blazing in. Not that it has been a problem the past few days. But maybe later this summer.

Well, we're T minus two hours. Time to start taming the mane again.

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