Monday, June 22, 2009


We've had a busy week-end. It left me pretty tired and with enormous amounts of laundry. Actually, it started last week. I got this in the mail on Monday. A lovely little welcome package, complete with a Rebiject, a titration pack, and lots of literature. And a pen. I gave Kateri the pen and "Treatment Journal." She loves paper and pens and has quickly filled up most of it with her writing. She was thrilled with the little green ribbon to mark her place. I was thrilled there was actually something we wanted to use in the package. I gave Pippin the little black travel bag and he was happy. I think Cyril would like the Rebiject, but I'm holding off on that.
Just so you know I was not making it up, the second sentence here states it is made with genetically engineered Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells. Ok I said it was monkey.
But close enough. Anyway, I did call the hotline to discuss drug interactions etc. The lady on the other end was in her car in the middle of a lightening storm, but we had a good conversation anyway. I asked her about alcohol and she said it was not completely contraindicated.
"I mean, you're already dealing with a lot, and then shots, you can't give up everything."
Amen sister. So I guess I can put my mint to good use.
I still have not started the shots, and who knows, I may not. I was glad I did not start them right away as a few days later the kids came down with the stomach flu. First Audrey a 4am. The next night Pippin, at 1am. And last night Kateri at 2am. I couldn't imagine feeling sick and tired from the shots and then cleaning up and taking care of sick kids all night. Which makes me really re-think if the drugs fit my lifestyle at all.

Here is Pippin convalescing with Battlefield 2. That and Halo have been his therapies. His only lasted 8 hrs so maybe there is something there. Poor Audrey was a couple days and then several days of sleeping. She had to miss her ballet recital. But she said, at least she got to keep her costume. A pretty peacock green gauze slip, with gold trim. She was very excited when she brought it home last week.
Shane watched Pippin playing Halo with Cyril and was amazed. Cyril had done something Pippin didn't like so Pippin started chasing him. When Cyril jumped onto some flying thing, Pippin jumped on, threw Cyril off, and rode off with the transport. Shane said its a pretty difficult move, even for a gamer. But Pippin pulled it off flawlessly. I guess I'm impressed. Although I'd be really impressed if he would go pee on the toilet.

Pippin decided rather than wrestle with Papa and the kids, he'd play sniper.

And here is what Kateri is doing today. Amongst all the sickness, we have pretty much exhausted our movie selections. But Shane found some new ones on reefs and it has footage of several places we snorkeled in Palau. So I'm interested in that one. I've been able to keep on to op washing the towels and sheets, not so much putting them away. Yesterday, I convinced Shane I needed to go to QFC, which I did, but also too the opportunity to run out and get him a present for Father's Day. Nothing too special, just some new jeans and a couple shirts. And some steak and asparagus and Yukon gold potatoes and some wine for dinner. Kateri and I made him eggs in a nest for breakfast. She thought it was really cool.
So I guess we'll just repeat last week. But hopefully we'll get through it all sooner. 3 down and 1 to go. Kateri is actually really good about the flu. She'll jump up, run to the bathroom, flush, wash her hands and rinse her mouth out. And then get back in bed- I put her in our room. But all without crying or making noise. Audrey on the other hand has a more difficult time and when we are completely out of the woods, I'm going to shampoo the carpets. Again.

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