Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recent Progress

I still have not figured out the picture loading order thing. So, of course these are in the reverse order of what they were supposed to be. No surprises here.
I picked up this little night stand from our neighbors FREE pile at our last garage sale. Its solid wood, has dovetailing on the drawers, and only one coat of gold paint over one layer of a green wash. And Cyril needed a night stand and I needed a wood project. And our neighbors needed it out of their driveway. So now it is in our garage. I've already gone through one can of stripper and will need several more. But the fumes were making me dizzy so I have not gone to get more stripper yet. But it turns out it was not the stripper, it was a new lesion in my brain stem which the neuro discovered on the MRI this week. So it looks like I may become a Rebijector after all. Maybe. I still need to do some studying on how to get around FDA bans, on natural substances. Namely estriol.
But at least I can finish stripping my nightstand with harsh chemicals that have probably been shown by the state of California to cause cancer, but which do not seem to be the cause of my vertigo. In other developments, Kateri is now riding her bike sans training wheels. We were headed out to ride the other day and she brought me a screwdriver and asked me to take them off. Knowing she is a pretty good judge of her own capabilities I got a wrench and took them off. I figured it would take some a few falls but that was all part of the process. No. Not for Kateri. I steadied her and sent her down the driveway and that was it. She was so proud of her newfound ability and announced to every neighbor
"Look! No training wheels!"
Only it didn't come out that clearly and as most of them had their windows up or were behind closed doors I'm not sure the message really got out. But she has been enjoying flying around the cul-de-sac, helmet-hair flapping in the breeze.

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