Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun

The weather has been fairly nice lately. Its cooler now, but we had some nice warm days. Some were so nice we finally got the pool out. First I hiked down the trail to retreive the hard plastic one the kids had been using for a sled. After washing it out and patching the holes with duct tape-Cyril had also used it as a target for his bow and arrow-we filled it up. And then when the weather stayed nice, we pulled out last year's big pool. Its suffered a bit from use, but if we give it fresh air each day it works. The kids decided it would be fun to make a boat out of the pool. It still had a few leaks but with enough bailing they were able to stay afloat.

Our neighbor brought out her dog course and the kids had a great time "training" the dogs to run it. Pippin was very excited.

As evienced by the fact that both feet are off the ground here.

And I am excited to have lots of new tomatoes coming on. The first one somehow got removed but there are a ton more now so I'm over it.

And on really hot days there are Iced Americanos. Or sometimes breve lattes. With a tiny bit of sugar.

Audrey found a humming bird and got a few pictures. Maybe we'll put up a feeder.
So far lots of summer fun, and its only June. And I talked to a nurse today and she said alcohol is not completely out once I start the Rebif, so there may be mojitos on the horizon too.

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