Monday, October 1, 2007

Cyprian's Birthday

It is hard to believe Cyprian is two. He still seems like such a little monkey. We didn't have a big party for him, which was good because now that he is 2 he's finally decided to start acting his age. To such a degree that he screamed for about two hours- even though I was holding him, before finally going to bed. So we didn't even eat his ice-cream cake until after lunch today. He enjoyed his card from Great-Grandma Mac - who very thoughtfully included enough gum and balloons for him to share. He opened that earlier in the day so he had several hours of gum-chewing-balloon-blowing-sticker fun before he reached his limit.

MMMmmm. This gum is so tasty.
I likehis monkey cheeks in this one. He is wearing the necklace Audrey made for him. She also made a really cute card that I put in a safe place and haven't found yet.
This was the next day. Yes, the candles are pink. That is what you get when your older sister has a birthday just before yours.

Grandma Trudy and Grandpa Ron stopped by in the evening on their way home from Leavenworth. They came bringing more balloons and airplanes and a new outfit for Pippin. And chocolates. Hand made ones that have- had - no preservatives and had to be consumed this week. They were delicious and you could taste the real butter and cream. So we did all have some birthday treat after dinner.

And now we've officially entered the Terrible Twos. It really did seem to all hit yesterday. The contrariness, the fussing, the stubborn tantrums. I think the next couple years are going to be very long. I am so glad we think he is so cute. He has also been giving up his naps lately. which usually translates to very fussy evenings and acceptable bedtimes- 9:00 or so. It makes it hard to work with the big kids and I'd try and save that for his nap but now we just have to fit it in wherever. Luckily, Audrey is very independant and can do a lot of her work on her own but I really need one-on-one with Kateri and Cyril so progress there is a little slow.

I finally decided to stick with the Saxon math and ordered the 3rd grade for Audrey. I wasn't sure but Shane really likes the older grades and they say you should pick a program and stick with it by the 4th grade- as different programs introduce different things at different grades -so I figured we'll stay with it. And I already have grades 1 & 2 for Cyril.

I ordered a set of English from the Roots Up to start with the kids. Audrey is really excited. She likes different languages. She is enjoying her French class a lot. We had bought a Latin computer program a couple years ago so maybe I'll get her started on that again. Then she can see how it ties into French. The only thing about it is it uses the classical pronounciation- which is what I learned- but it makes more sense to use the Church Latin. But for reading and writing its fine.

Speaking of language and such, I've been reading a very good bood called "Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum" which has been very helpful in planning out what to study when, and why. In the introduction she talked about the speech by Dorothy Sayers called "The Lost Tools of Learning" . It is amazing that even in the late 30s, education was already being reduced to accumulating and memorizing facts as opposed to teaching people how to think. I loved her refering to a degree as the "Free Man's" Degree. Meaning he was free and equipped to go and make his own way in life. Instead of here is what we have certified you to be capable of.

Too much good stuff to list here but the talk is only ten pages if you want to read it.

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