Monday, October 8, 2007

The kids are in Kitty Heaven

Snowflake is the name of our kitten. We didn't think we'd be able to get one so young so soon but I got a call from my mom saying the boys had found a kitten at the property while raking leaves. She was doing well and had a nice disposition. But they didn't have room for her at home so they were in a quandary. Then she read my blog and called to see if we'd procured a kitten yet. We hadn't so yesterday they brought her over. Needless to say the kids were extatic. She is pretty cute. It is a bit of work making sure the little kids don't love her too much. I was planning on the kids just spending hours busy with her. But right now it is still a bit of "cat sitting" on my part for her protection. And supervising the kids' visitation rights.

Audrey came up with her name. We'll see if it stays. She seems to like the set up the kids prepared for her. After getting her settled we left the big kids with her in the garage. Shortly, Cyril came running in all excited .

"The kitten just peed in her littler box. It was so cute!" Potty training is exciting. Especially since it means I don't have to clean it up. She even pooped half way in her litter box. I am not sure how the other half got smeared everywhere but it was a great opportunity for my brother, Sandor, to demonstrate how to bathe a kitten.

The kitten does seem to prefer Audrey. Probably because she holds still and is calm when she holds her. The other kids are a little jealous.

So, here we are. We own a pet. I'm looking forward to letting her turn back into the outdoor cat she is. And to Pippin stopping getting into the kitty litter- the clean stuff in the box. I don't ant to encourage Snowflake to use the garage floor anymore. Right now I'm look for a good vet to get all those cat things checked out and shots started.

Maybe getting a full grown cat would be more my thing. Except kittens are the best part.

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Kimberly said...


I love the coloring of the little kitty. My kids will be so jealous. Avi really wants one too. vet in the universe (in my humble opinion), MARK CALL of SNO-KING VETERINARY on Hwy. 99 in Lynnwood. He's very James Harriot! Ha ha. I used to have such a crush on him...however, he's married and has children...and SO am I. I wasn't at the time though. Aside from the silliness, he really is a WONDERFUL vet!!! So gentle with the animals and good with people too.