Friday, October 12, 2007

A Little Robin, Brown and Plain , Flew into Our Window Pane

Stunned. upon the rocks he sat
For all the children to look at.

The funny thing is this was the second bird in three days. The first one flew off right away leaving only a cluster of feathers on the window as evidence. Cyril couldn't beleive how it could have survived but got some proof two days later when I heard the familiar thud. I looked out the window and saw the robin sitting in the gravel. I called the kids down to see and they of course wanted to get a closer look. I was surprised when it just sat there, obviously very dazed. The kids all crowded around it and Audrey got some bird seed- which it didn't touch. The kids all wanted to keep it. I was just hoping it would be well enough to fly away. Kateri touched it and it didn't budge. Then all of a sudden, thankfully, it took off into the air. It's strange because we have grids on the windows and even a happy birthday sign taped up on the particular window this bird collided with. Maybe we shoulod put up some shades.

We haven't had much luck with Chilean wines so I was surprised by how much I liked this one. I tried it at a friend's house and then got some to go with dinner the next night so Shane could try it. He really liked it too. He said it tasted very solid and traditional and made him think of an old library, maybe with a crackling fire and leather couches and a hint of tobacco smell. I added that last part of the description. Regardless of who said what we both liked it. And it was only $10 at QFC. I was reading online reviews and somebody said the 2004 Cabernet was better than this one -2005.

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