Monday, October 15, 2007


I was thinking of dedicating an entire blog to funny things Cyril says. But I just want to get some recorded before I forget - currently I only have 2 in mind- but I'll try and remember to write them down sooner as they occur from here on out. And someday I'll set up a separate section. Maybe for all the funny things kids say.

This gem happened yesterday at lunch. We were on our way home from liturgy and I suggested we go out for lunch. I knew the kids were all starving and figured that would help them be still and maybe- just maybe-Shane and I could talk durring a meal. It had its fair share of interruptions. The kids took turns needing to use the bathroom. Kateri's turn turned out to be a false alarm but my food was still warm so it was ok.

When I got back Shane leaned forward to tell me Cyril's Deep Thought. In between bites of pepperoni pizza he discovered an amazing fact and announced to Shane while chewing and shaking his head in disbelief,

"I can't beleive that in less than 5 years, Pippin will be 4."

Move over John Candy.

For the record Pippin just turned 2.

This exchange between myself and Cyril was a couple weeks ago.I did write it down while still laughing so that I wouldn't forget it.

I had made some pasta for lunch and the kids were all happily eating at the table. Cyril finished his plate.

"Are there more noodles?" he asked.

"Sure", I said, "They are on the stove."

He got up to dish some onto his plate.

"You might want to heat them up a little", I added as they had been sitting for a while.

"Heat up what?" he asked sitting down at the table and starting to eat.

"Your noodles. You might want to heat them up for 10 seconds or so. They might be cold."

"What noodles?" he asked, still eating.

"The ones you are eating" I said wondering where this kid had come from.

"Oh", he said.

He finished eating. Apparently they weren't too cold.

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