Thursday, September 27, 2007

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

So, Cyril has been in particularly rare form lately. Not so much misbehavior- although there is plenty of that too-as mischievious. The other morning at breakfast I thought his hair looked a little funny but he has really crazy, wiry hair so thought he'd just slept funny. But upon inspection I found he's definitely given himself a bang trim with what looked like th work of a weed-eater. Actually, I never did ask what implement he used. When I asked him about his bangs he informed me that he also decided to take the matter of his cow-lick into his own hands by removing it. I thought the bald spot really completed the look of un-kempt wild critter.

Cyril's first love, before weilding scissors, is motor boats with propellors. He draws them all the time but decided one day to immortalize one by carving it on the top of nice dresser from Underhill's. With a screwdriver. It was complete with an outboard motor and propellor. I was a little taken aback and was not sure what to say, aside from no carving on furniture and that I would talk to Papa about it when he got home. He did feel that it was his dresser and he was just trying to improve on it. After the kids were in bed I took Shane in and showed him. He was amused and said he liked it and he is glad it is there. Some day he can show it to the great grand kids and I am sure it will be a great memory. But hopefully not an inspiration. As we were walking out of the room I looked at the shelf in Cyril's closet and sure enough he had another rendition carved on it. It wasn't nearly as good so maybe it was just practice. At least he got the final draft on the dresser.

I almost can't have a post without some mention or picture of a meal. The salmon cakes I make awhile back were too dense so I've been looking for different ways to make them lighter. For this one I added mashed potatoes and beat a couple egg whites. It was better but still not quite what I was looking for. Maybe I'll just move on to crab cakes. I'm feeling a little fished out anyway. Shane took Cyril out to dinner last night so in preparation I gave him a hair cut. You almost can't see the bald spot anymore but I think as it grows it will shos more. I'll just have to keep it buzzed for awhile.

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