Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hammering, Sawing, and Working Away......

Well, we've finally decided to enter the realm of pets. It took some convincing but after much discussion, planning, promising, begging etc. we told the kids they could have a kitten. Then Shane told them they could have two. Because a kitten will need a friend and with four kids one kitten wouldn't be enough. So we've made some rules and set expectations and sometime in the next couple months we plan on procuring two kittens.

The prospect has really unleashed the kids creativity. And their teamwork. The first day was great. Audrey and Cyril went to work in the garage building a kitten wonderland. I didn't see or hear from them for hours and had to drag them in for dinner. They hammered and sawed and made staircases, tables, toys, a scratching post, and even painted some pictures.

Audrey working on the scratching post. I gave them some old rags and they found a tree stake which they quickly converted to cat furniture.

Cyprian working on the stairs.

With a double staircase and two bedrooms I think the kittens should be very comfortable. Audrey's rendering of the kitten she envisions getting.

Cyril's artwork

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