Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall Is Here

We didn't ease much into fall this year. We didn't even have a very nice September. Maybe just a couple of good days. But the past few mornings have been "froggy" as Cyprian says, and I've been turning on the heat. The kids were excited about that. At our old house we heated with the wood stove, which I do miss sometimes, so having central air is still a bit of a novelty. When the furnace kicks on they all go rushing to find a vent to stand on and Cyprian laughs and says it tickles. Then they'll get plastic bags and make hot air balloons with them. I do like the heat from wood but you can't beat waking up on a cold, rainy morning to warm, cozy air pouring into your bedroom. Cyprian, Kateri, and I put up some fall things. Cyprian was very proud of his pumpkin candles and kept remarking every time he saw them, "Pretty. I did it."

So I, of course had to make scones. Once again another award winning recipe from Cooks Illustrated. These ones are really buttery and not at all dry. But not cakey either. The kids don't like blueberries but I do and its nice to make up a batch and send one to work with Shane and his morning coffee.

I'm not saying where this recipe came from but I am sure you can guess. It is cracked pepper steak ( au poivre- or something like that) with a brandy and cream , and of course lots of butter, sauce. We were very hungry and I didn't remember to take a picture til part way through dinner. It was very, very good. I usually like my steak grilled but this pan-fried one I think I can handle.

Part way through dinner Cyprian picked up a tomato and skimmed it over the sauce on my plate. Then announced the tomato was "Kieboardeen"- Kiteboarding. I thought that was pretty clever of him.

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