Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're having a heat wave

Or at least that is what the news is calling it. It hasn't been unbearably hot yet but it is supposed to get in the 90s sometime. But I figured it was a good time to get the kids a pool- as we could probably use for at least two succesive days- so we venture hunt for one. And we had to hunt. Toy R Us had one plastic pool and that was it. I wasn't sure if it would fit in my van and would have preferred an inflatable for that reason so we decided to keep looking. I needed a tarp and thought Lowe's might have some but once again no. Target was close by so we took a quick look and found one single inflatable that looked as sturdy as a latex glove for the bargain price of $30. We pressed on.

We finally came upon some at Fred Meyer's. I was wondering if the heat wave was just a story to help clear out pool inventory. They only had the hard plastic and in one size. It was similar to the one at the first store but was $7 more so I felt better knowing I was getting a high quality pool. And for $7 I was not about to haul the kids back to the toy store.

Next we had the challenge of fitting it into the car. I didn't have any rope and figured that would probably be the worst idea. I could just imagine it flying off on the freeway and the kids screaming for their lost pool and me just driving on and talking up the the benefits of filling up the bathtub with cool water to an unconvinced audience that couldn't hear me anyway over the keening. So I resolved to stuff it as best I could.

The back was not an option and i hoped I could get it between Kateri and Pippin's seats, parallel with the van. But there was not enough space to turn it. So I stuffed it in behind my seat competely blocking my rear view and perfectly positioned for the little kids to run their feet up and down it like a wash board- which was not a very good musical instrument. I hoped the stress from being slightly bent would not be enough to crack it and it wasn't.

Although the pool didn't come without effort it was worth it and every penny it cost too. They played in it all day long and I even took a quick dip. I put Pippin down for a nap- all sunscreened and sticky from numerous popsicles and went to check craigslist happy with the kids occupied playing horses in the water. I found nothing and went back outside to discover they had decided what could be better than a pool full of water? A pool full of bubbles. They had used half a bottle of dishwashing soap and were flinging giant armfuls of foam up into the air and shrieking. Cyril discovered if he held onto the side and kicked his feet it made really big bubbles. I have no idea what it will do to the grass which is already fighting for its sparse patchy existence and losing.

I figured we should empty it and stary again so they could at least rinse off. I gave them buckets and instructed them to carry it to the woods and dump it. It made a nice bubbly river which incentivised them to pour more and quickly so they were happy as they worked.

Cyprian woke up was a little in awe. I thought he'd scream bubbles and jump right in but he preferred to stand back and watch, eating a popsicle.

So they rinsed off and we finished off our summer day with bbq chicken legs and ears of corn and lot of ice water- as we were out of popsicles. I don't know how many they each ate but I htink around 24 all together. It was nice to know they were staying hydrated but now we are out so we'll have to run down to QFC again this morning. I also need dish soap.

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