Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny Face

Cyprian picked up Shane's fresnel sheet and was having fun looking through it. But I thought we had the funnier view. So we decided to do a little photo shoot. Kind of silly but that is what you get when you wake up before 5am. What is really funny is that Kateri's enlarged hair didn't seem foreign. What you also get is a head start on the craigslist junkies. I was able to secure a nice solid wood shelf for Cyril's room at 10:00 this morning. But it took hours of looking. Shane is picking it up for me on his way home tonight. I sent him the picture and he approved. He laughed about the chairs but appreciated all the effort I put into getting and returning it. And he agreed to take a picture of it on his way home for me so I could share. After I post this I am going to put Pippin down and make my second latte.

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