Tuesday, July 10, 2007



I was looking over some pictures to put up today and decided Kateri meritted her own exclusive post. She is such a personality I am continually amazed at how much she packs into her tiny frame. She is just starting to ougrow her 24 mos outfits and she will be 4 on August 1. I haven't had to buy her anything in awhile- especially since the last additions were from her cousin Avigail. She was just telling me yesterday as she was getting dressed ,"Avigail loves me. She gave me teeny pants."

She can be so sweet taking care of her babies and cooking things for them in her tiny kitcken, I sometimes forget her ferocious critter side. But only momentarily. The other day I was working on the Montesorri insets with her and we were making al kinds of shapes and then embellishing them. She was working and stopped to admire her page and told me,
"Its to shoot the bad guys."
I looked over at her page to see what she was doing. I couldn't figure it out at first but then I realized she meant the cross hairs she had added to her shapes. I am thinking of cutting down on her Rainbow Six play time.

Audrey was getting ready to leave for Idaho last week and had to wait two excruciting hours for Grandma and Grandpa to come get her. I, being very sympathetic, suggested we finish her final math lesson which we had been saving for a month. We got out the pages and she was supposed to survey people about their favorite season and then make a graph. Cyril and I chose summer. She turned to Kateri and asked

"What is your favorite season? Spring, summer, fall or winter?"

Kateri looked thoughtful for a second and responded,

"Rabbit season."

Maybe being sandwiched between two boys has had some influence. Or maybe not and for them they are lucky they are boys and can stand up to her. I am glad to see she is very self confident and has a completely can-do attitude, she gets that from Shane. But sometimes I wish she was a little unsure of her masterminding capabilities. I am sure whatever she does in life she will go far, we'll just have to help direct her towards something good. She almost has me convinced she could single-handedly clean out al Quaeda. But she likes telling people what to do as well "Here Jack, eat this" so she might prefer to be in charge of the mission. Secretly, though, and with her three foot stature and Cousin It hair she could blend in and then after the enemy is taken out, slip away through a key hole onto her next assignmen- of her choosing of course- leaving others to take all the glory. Or the blame, as she did with Jack, the bathtub, the laundry, the toothpaste, and Nunca Aaron incident.

But for now she'll stay with us and hone her sniping skills taking out the crows in the back yard. I was thinking of doing a mini-boot camp with all the kids just for practice. She'd probably end up running it and we'd all be taking orders.

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