Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear St. Anthony please come round.....

My camera battery charger is lost and can't be found. I think he is on vacation or something as it has been over a week and not turned up yet. So I am stuck having to use old pictures to decorate with. Nothing too special. The kids are trying to get the message across that they would really like a play structure. They have gotten so desperate they transformed a table in the backyard into a slide. It was in the backyard because I had used it as part of a fence to keep them in the yard while I was making Paska bread. Shane came home, took one look, and promised to build me a fence that week-end. We are still deciding on the design for the gate but the little baby gate works well for now. I've been working on putting the stain on it. It is very pretty and VERY sturdy. He used all screws and it doesn't wobble at all. I am sure it will be Kateri and Pippin proof. We are looking for a play set but it getting to the end of summer I guess so Costco stopped carrying them in the stores. I think you can order them still but it takes a few weeks so we'll see. I am getting a little tired of telling them not to swing on the granite counter tops.
The lilies I just threw in for fun. Shane suprised me when he got home from work one day. I like lilies. I carried them at our wedding and they last for such a long time. The pollen stains though.

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