Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

For the Fourth, we headed down to my parents' cabin where we enjoyed a variety of activities.
Pippin was willing to make a path fro Grandma anywhere ane everywhere she needed one, and a few extras.
Cyril was thrilled when,  on our first walk, he found a snake. He was not so thrilled when it "juiced" on him.
The boys had fun shooting the BB gun.
So did this girl.
Cyril found time between finding critters and swimming to work on his aim as well.
There was lots of rock skipping. This one was a little big.
The kids could not wait to get in the river and jumped in with their clothes on.
MOm asked if I wanted to help her cut a four ft trunk with a long saw. Of course I said yes. We got about half way then solicited help from the boys. It was a really good work out and I am still sore. The log turned out to be rotten in places so we'll need to do another cut. So Shane volunteered to get a 4 ft chain saw and come back. Because you should never waste a good opportunity to procure a really cool tool. And becasue he's nice. And because he'd really like to have one.
Shane joined the kids in the water and they swam across the river.
In the evening, after some rather tasty ribs, Shane pulled out the fireworks we picked up after church. He and Sandor, my brother, had fun lighting off the big mortars, the rest of us were huddled around the bonfire trying to stay warm. Then, being boys, they decided to see what would happen if you put the mortor in up-side down. This is what happens. A small bang, then a loud thunk. It's good the package came with two tubes. And then, of course, we had to see what would happen if you just left in on the road- no tube. That was pretty cool. I treid to get a picture but was too busy watching it to get a good one. They are so pretty up close.
Audrey spen most of the week end making horse trails with the grass Grandma had just cut. She was very sad to leave it.

Actually, they were all very sad. Here they are begging to stay 'just one more night'.
I am sure Shane is anxious to get his new chainsaw and go back, so I think we'll be there soon. This time we'll take our fishing grear too.

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