Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Checking In

I got to see Dr M today. Unlike dentist appointments and shots, I always look forward to visiting with Dr M. I didn't have too many wild and crazy theories to discuss today. Mostly it was just to do a three month check up of being on the LDN. He said I could stay on it for now and we'd see if the MRI in Sept indicates a need for something more drastic. And then I'll probably say no.  As usual I aced all the little tests. I think. The walking heel to toe was sort of off, but I had flip flops on. Once I took them off it was fine. My legs were a little sore and stiff from working out yesterday so my gait might have been a little off.  I explained it though. My weight was a little up from last time. I think it is probably just due to the time of the month. I didn't explain that.

Then he had me do the close your eyes, put your arms out, touch your nose. I assured him I had not been drinking. Then he looked at my face. Intently. I started to feel a little under the microscope. Did I forget to wash my face? What had I eaten for breakfast? He told me to close my eyes. I couldn't help peeking just so I could see his expression. Which didn't give anything away. He told me to smile. Finally, satisfied, he said,

"Ok. You can relax and have a seat." 

I asked what he had seen or was looking for.

"Oh, it was nothing."

I asked what the 'nothing' was.

He talked about seeing things that might seem off or clues to somthing bigger. Like a person with one scuffed shoe, who obviously drags that foot and other things a detective would notice. Finally he told me it seemed one side of my mouth seemed more expressive than the other. But upon closer inspection, it was 'nothing'. I still felt self conscious everytime I smiled and I've been checking in the mirror since I got home. Nothing.

So that was all good and I'll get to see him again in two months and I can stick with the LDN. So I'm happy.

On another note, this is the wine chosen for a recent wedding. It was only $4.99 at Trader Joe's and its pretty tasty. I stopped to pick up some more after the doctor visit but the Kirkland one was out and the wine guy told me the distributor is out as well. So if you find yourself at Trader Joe's you might want to pick some up, if you can. The Redmond one still has some. I haven't checked the other local stores.

Shane came up with a fun activity for the kids and asked me to get some mini marshmallows and tooth picks at the store. This is Cyril's creation.
This is Cyril's creation  on fire. No questions.

And that's life at the moment. Sticky, sweet, and on fire. Not sure how that really fits this moment. But, oh well. There it is.

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Kayleen said...

That's a pretty amazing creation. I'm throughly long did it take to make that?