Monday, July 26, 2010

It's that time of year again

Guess who is going to have a birthday?

Kateri has been planning her birthday pretty much since the day after her last birthday. She has invited anyone and everyone, even though she has not decided where the party is actually going to be. Our house or Grandma and Grandpa's. She decided she wanted me to take her shopping. I had to run to the drug store so she came along and I told her she could pick something.  She picked out a little travel toothbrush with a bright pink case and tube of toothpaste. I know. I got off easy.

Then she decided Grandma could take her shopping too. So yesterday, Grandma had some time and took her shopping and out to dinner. She came home with a royal wardrobe and lots of trimmings and trappings for the big day. And of course, she will assist Grandma in making the Giant Pink Princess Castle. Just like last year. Because Grandma doesn't get enough practice making big cakes. (That is a big joke around here. I can't even count the wedding cakes she's done so far this year.)

Anyway, these are a few of her new outfits.

She had decided to wear this one to the party, as it is the most "princess" looking dress.

This has leggings too, but she decided the shirt could double as a dress. She was really excited to get tennis shoes, and today wore them jogging around the neighborhood. In 80 degree weather. But what good is a new pair of shoes if you can't show them off?

I thought this little skort and top were pretty cute on her. Oh, and she picked out some royal jewelry too. And if you can't decide which one to wear, wear them all!

There are other clothes, but three outfits seemed  enough for one day. Oh, wait. She did wear her new Tinker Bell PJs to bed. So I guess that makes four.

She really has grown. I think her heighth is trying to catch up to her maturity level. Last Friday she almost single handedly took care of Matteas overnight. I drew the line at changing his dirty diaper. She was very put out. But she made him bottles, nachos, snacks, and snuggled him to sleep in her bed. He woke up in the night so I put him in our bed. Kateri said,"Finally, I  can get some sleep."

The next day she was so worn out she took a 2 hr nap. After the cousins had left she was forlorn and didn't know what to do with herself. She came into the room and asked, mournfully,

"When can I get my own baby?"

Whenever that day comes, at least I know she can handle it.

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Kayleen said...

That Kateri sure keeps things interesting, doesn't she? I try to think of Lou at this age and I hope she is as full of life and curiosity as princess Kateri! :) When I was a little girl I used to LOVE 'letting' my grandma take me shopping, too. What a treat! I even got some Jasmine (from Aladin) pj's, if I remember correctly.