Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Newest Member

This is Draca. At first she was Draco. Then the kids did some reading and investigating, and found out "she" is a girl. I didn't ask for details but they changed her name and now they are plotting to get a Draco so they can have little Dracettes. We're thinking she is a little young yet.
The kids were thrilled when we brought her home. Cyril- whose room she stays in- was sure he wouldn't get any sleep that first night as he's probably have to get up a lot to check on her. She has shed once already and seems happy in her new home. She is pretty low maintenance, aside from having to buy and feed her crickets. Its more difficult to keep the crickets alive. But the kids are happy with their pet. I'm happy she doesn't bark, shed hair, or need a litter box. Pippin is a little upset he doesn't have his own gecko. I'm sure this will just be the beginning of the pet years, but so far so good.

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