Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise Vacation

So Shane took us on our surprise vacation last week end. I was very good and did not tell the kids where we were going, once I figured it out. The morning after Shane got home, and the day we were leaving, he asks if they are all packed to go to Leavenworth. They might have figured out on the drive anyway. But they were ready and excited.
The cabin was a little ways out near a little town called Plain. It was a pretty drive and the leaves were turning and we had brought everything we'd need for a cozy fall week end. We stopped in Leavenworth and ice cream, pet a horse, listened to some music, and tried some not so great wine. Although first we had lunch with some tasty Icicle Ale.
We stopped and got two decks of cards and the kids used them all week end. I went down to check on them in the morning and the three older kids were sitting up on the top bunk playing "Go Fish". I love when they all can play together.

There was lots of silliness too.

And hot tubbing.

There was even some snow for the boys to drive their new trucks in. Shane had brought RC trucks for both boys from "New York" or more like the hobby store down the road. He said he couldn't find anything on his trip for them. He did get the girls some jewelry. One of Kateri's ear holes grew over so she can only wear one earring. But the look kind of suits her.
We had a great time and it was very restful once I got some sleep. The first night I was nervous because the three big kids were downstairs in the bunk beds and you just wonder when they are going to wake up and forget where they are so you sleep lightly waiting for a sound. Sure enough,first I heard them calling. Then I heard them crying. Both times I jumped violently-Shane who was sleeping says-and then got confused with the lock on the door so Shane had to get up and do it for me. And both time it was still and quiet on the other side of the door. Or on the outside of my head.
The second night was better as I was exhausted from the first night. Luckily, I had Kateri to help with the cooking. She is really, no surprises here, amazing. We unloaded all our things into the house and when I came in to the kitchen to unload the cooler, found Kateri had already done it. She helped cook too. One night we were playing go fish, boys against girls, and I decided to add a penalty. Losers had to do the dishes. Kateri cheerfully piped up,
"I'll do the dishes!"
The boys cheated first. We won. And I did the dishes.
All in all a good time.

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