Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guess Who's Swimming?

Kateri and Pippin have been asking every week, when they can sign up for swim lessons. Well we missed some lessons because of colds and I was told I could use them for for any registered swimmer. And since you only pay registration for the first two swimmers, I went ahead and registered the other kids.
They were so excited on their lesson day. Pippin was madly tearing the house apart looking for his Curious George swim shorts. He couldn't find them and settled for his plain blue ones. Kateri found her suit and put it on right after breakfast, though lessons were not until 3:45

Pippin tried on the different goggles while Kateri had her lesson. Kateri loved it- shocking- and fearlessly jumped in from the side and put her head under water. Pippin said he didn't like the swimming part because his face got wet. But he did like the "black float". I think for now they will just pick up the other kids missed lessons. I'm not sure I can get a regular spot for them and arriving at 3:45 was too early. The parking lot was jammed with buses and parents picking up their kids. We were almost late just because of parking. But the big kids are learning a lot, and it wears them out. Cyril asked if we could stop at QFC and get a whole chicken for dinner after lessons. We stopped. And got two.

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