Monday, November 23, 2009

Watch Your Back, Iron Chef

I'm afraid there is no competition worthy of Kateri. While I was doing some very important research , really, on the internet, Kateri found the package of ground turkey I had thawed for hamburgers. And decided to make tacos intstead. But she also knew Pippin liked potatoes, so sh boiled some new potatoes. After exhausting all the websites I could I find, I emerged to find her cooking two-fisted. The turkey was just about done and she was ready to drain and whip the potatoes.
I did help her adjust the seasonings of the taco meat, there was a little too much cinnamon-sugar.
That might have been Pippin's fault as he was "helping" a little. We added some taco spices and it came out tasting kind of like a Moroccan taco. But it was tasty.

I might add that this was after she vacuumed the up-stairs, cleaned the bathroom, and put on a load of laundry. All without me asking her to , or her asking for help.

The kids have all been into cooking lately. Audrey made french toast for everyone last week for break fast. Cyril likes to make hashbrowns and they can all make "egg in a nest" too.

I"ll talk about my important research later. Shane's home and it's time for tacos.


Kayleen said...

I'm hoping that Louisa grows up to be like Kateri :)

She is SO cute, and amazingly helpful around the house! When I read these things about her, I almost can't believe it - especially the fact that you don't even have to ask her. How old is she again?

All your kids are really cute, by the way :)

briana said...

She's only six. But I think she'll be able to start babysitting this summer if your looking for a sitter.