Friday, August 28, 2009

What we've been up to

Enjoying lots of garden treats... Marinated chicken, zucchini, tomato, basil , feta pasta,
I was thinking what to do with all the squash, and wanting the kids to eat some. So we made vegetable tempura. It was tasty but I didn't have any dipping sauce which would have make it a lot tastier,

Kateri has to practice with her tap shoes in the garage for now. Maybe we could get a square of something to put on top of the hard wood when it gets cold out.

Pippin makes up his own ballet pose.

Kateri tries on her new things.

She is super excited to start her pre ballet/tap class on Thursday.

Audrey got new tights and looks like she may need new shoes too. They decided to get dressed up and do a performance for us. It was sweet watching Audrey patiently giving Kateri cues and Kateri following one step behind. It was a very enjoyable show.

Cyril decided he wanted a baby crocodile- after I nixed the tarantula and scorpion or anything else that could hide in my bed and bite me- and started making a "home" for it. I thought it was pretty clever. He did it all himself, including setting the 2x4. I love the fountain, although afterwards he wondered how we could water the garden. And he snuck a bit of my sea salt out too. After some investigating, and a trip to the pet store this morning, he is getting used to the idea of a lizard of some kind, especially one that looks like a crocodile.

Super Man has been super good about using the toilet this week. I was low on diapers and decided we should just bite the bullet. He was a little bummed the first day. Then I got him pull ups, which were not completely a success. Finally I bribed him with a sticker chart. 5 stars and he can have turn playing Halo. I had taken it away a while back for various reasons. He was very motivated and the first day earned a turn. Then he started telling me all about the laser guns and the "ghostes" or something like that and aiming at various inanimate objects in the game then filling htem full of holes . I think he is caught on now and I think in a week or so he'll have it down.

As I was loading the pictures I realized there were some from our Palau trip still on the card. It thought this one was very peaceful and relaxing and a nice way to start the week end.

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