Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6 Going on 30

KatThat would be Kateri. I can't wait until her age catches up with her abilities. So far she is ok, except for not being able to drive. The other day she asked if she could unlock the car. We were on our way to the store so I gave her the keys and went to grab my purse and shopping list. when I came out she was standing at the bottom of the steps grinning.

"Can you hear that?" she asked.

"Hear what?" Then I paused to listen.

"Kateri, did you start the car?"

She grinned harder and nodded her head.
I don't know why I was surprised. I guess I'd better start hiding the keys.
She loves to play Scrabble. She mostly makes up her own words, complete with original spellings, definitions, and pronunciations.

For her birthday breakfast, she decided she wanted to treat everyone to pancakes and bacon. I made the bacon she made the pancakes using her new butterfly spatula from Grandma Trudy.

Showing off her new things. Kateri used her birthday money from Grandma Mac to buy a flower clock for her room.

More treats from Grandma Mac. The kids are always so excited to get her cards. She was very thoughtful and shared the balloons and gum with the other kids.

Here is the little princess with the model of her future home. Designed and created by Grandma Trudy, who I think will have the title of Royal Chef as soon as construction on the new dwelling is done.

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