Friday, August 14, 2009


At least as far as I know.

A few weeks ago Kateri lost her first tooth. She was very brave and asked me to pull it out. I think partly because she is brave, and partly because she knew Cyril had let me pull one of his out and the Tooth Fairy was so impressed she paid him double the usual rate.

Well it came out with a little tug and the Tooth Fairy ponied up the extra money.

She has another one that is getting close but I tried last night and it was not quite ready. Maybe this week-end. I'm a little worried about her speach with two teeth missing. Its a little rough already. She has her hearing appointment next month. So far it has not changed for the worse, which is good. But we'll see how it compares to last year's.

The big kids swim lessons are going well. Last lesson they both seemed to get the arms down. It was neat to see them gliding across the pool. We are signing them up for lessons for the school year. I figured its better than waiting for summer.

We've signed Kateri up for pre-ballet this year. She is super excited. I'm looking forward to seeing her in a leotard and tights. I think she'll pretty much steal the Christmas Recital. so next week we'll have two ballerinas twirling around the house. Should be good times. Although I would not be surprised if she wanted to do jazz in stead. Or she could do tap. Who knows what she'll pick.

Speaking of summer. It has been missing here the past week. At first I was happy for the cool weather. But then it got ridiculous and we've been wearing long pants and shirts and even jackets when we go out. And I was very sad for all my green tomatoes just sitting there. Being green. Cyril suggested a heat lamp but now they are saying the coming week is supposed to get hot again. Shane says its time to go to Leavenworth for bratwurst and beer. Maybe this week end before it gets warm again.

On other progress, I have been taking the Rebif for 6 weeks now and so far so good. No nasty side effects and I only take 1 advil on "shot nights". The nurse was impressed. Although I asked the Dr if I could stay on the mid dose for longer than the 2 weeks suggested. He said sure. So when I do jump to the double dose it might be different. But I am hoping not. And I am also hoping the MRI at the end of the month shows some effectivness. I do like the 3x a week dosage. Its fun to have the weekends off. And ever since I rejected the Rebiject even those shot nights are not bad. The manual injections are pretty much painless. The needles are so thin and sharp I hardly feel them. ( And not because I can't feel) I was worried about going to the bigger dose because it stung so much to inject the drugs and the next dosage will be twice as concentrated. But I'm feeling a little more bullish about it now. But I'm going to try staying at this dose as long as I can, and maybe for me its enough. I hope.

Shane and I are going to see Xavier Rudd next week in Portland. I'm really looking forward to it. And we'll get to spend the night and see some sights. I've never been to Portland before so it will be fun to check out some new places. I'd like to go to Shorey's and look at books. I've been getting the school things ready and would like to fill in a few blank spots on the shelves.

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