Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trip to the Gorge

Neither Shane nor I had ever been to the Gorge. And as Tirzah and Aaron very generously offered to stay with the kids and encouraged us to go out for breakfast too, Shane bought tickets to see Coldplay this week-end.
The scenery was incredible and as always, the pictures don't do it justice. I would go there just for the view. We were lucky and got fabulous weather.

We got to watch a beautiful sunset, and then the constellations slowly popping out. And it was still warm and cozy.
I have actually never been to a concert that wasn't in the Opera House, so it was a doubly new experience for me. I was very pleasantly surprised. We were in the seats so maybe the general admission area was more rowdy. I didn't get a picture, but in the parking lot they had a sign saying,
'No Drugs, Alcohol, or Vending- in the Parking Lot'
But I guess that only applied to the parking lot.
It was lots of fun, and the band moved to s mini stage just a few feet from us, so that was cool.

We hadn't decided what to do after the concert so on the way home I called the Salish and they had 2 rooms available- 1 King and 1 with twin beds. We got the King and finally at 1:30 collapsed on the soft, smooth, feather bed. ( Shane asked why our room couldn't be like that. I guess I'll see what I can do.) When we checked in I asked if they had a table for breakfast. She said they had one cancellation that evening, so we were able to sit and have breakfast before we left.
The weather was overcast and misty and just after we sat down they lit the fire by our table and we got to enjoy the warm crackle with our hot coffee and pancakes.
Just as the concert was starting, Tirzah sent us a text message saying the kids were in bed, they were having dinner, and to relax and enjoy. We definitely did. Although we are both tired today. Shane is building me a support for my tomatoes today. They are doing really well but need to be up off the ground now. I can't wait until they are ripe.

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