Friday, July 24, 2009

Taming the Mane: Take 2

While we were in Palau, Auntie Courtney took Kateri to get her hair cut. Kateri loved the salon and has asked to go back often. So for her birthday I sent her again with Grandma and Auntie- because it takes two to manage that head of hair. I told her let them do whatever they think in necessary to get her mop under control. I didn't worry about the haircut much, Kateri would get to go to Gene Juarez and I would have less of her hair to manage so it would work out. And I trusted Mercedes. Here she is the night before making french toast for dinner. She did it all herself: cracking the eggs, dipping and cooking each piece. It was strange handing over dinner preparation to a 5 yr old but that 5 yr old being Kateri its actually not so strange. She announced dinner was ready to the kids and made sure they each thanked her for her work. Some of them were a little underdone, so we'll have to work on cooking time a little. But as you can see, Mercedes was going to be in for a big job the next day.
Here is the little elf. She looks so natural perched in tree.

I think I'll get her one of these dresses. She could use it to play hair salon at home.

She's definitely in her element here. Which may be a little concerning, and definitely a bit expensive.

I think she approves. But with $30 hair care products that smell so nice how could she not?

The finished product. I'm don't know how often I'll be able to spend the time re-creating the look. It took lots of blow-drying and flat ironing to achieve this level of smoothness. But Kateri does love to have her hair done so at least I know she'll cooperate.

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