Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kateri Knows Her Letters

As proof, I found this message on the computer desk upstairs. I think its funny she doesn't even consider her work is incriminating. Who else is going to write "Kateri Jack" on everything.
She has not decided if her pen is mightier than the cross-bow. Or which is more fun.

Following in Papa's foot steps, she has taken to drawing army scenes. I think her little green tank is about the cutest thing I've seen. Its so cute, it kind of disarms you and you don't realize you are about to be blown up until its too late. Kind of like Kateri.

The same day, I found this written under the counter. It is pencil so will wash of nicely. At least she uses pencil, mostly because I don't keep pens down. I have some of the other kids writings etched in furniture. Cyril's motor boat on his dresser, "A"s for Audrey on a shelf. It does make it easier to save and display their artwork, and its kind of hard to lose a book case.

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