Sunday, November 18, 2012


I wrote this post three times. Then decided none of them captured the magical night before Christmas feeling of the event. It was thrown together two days before the actual event. No reception. Three grandparents, one uncle, and godparents were able to attend. Plus regular Saturday night parishioners. The kids were given their cameras and my phone for pictures, These are all by Kateri. It was super cold that night. Afterwards we stopped at the store for dinner ingredients, came home and cooked the meat inside because it was too cold to grill. Turned on the fire, opened some celebratory wine, and enjoyed our new little Christian. The whole event felt positively magical. I half expected to come out of the church to Christmas lights and a surprise snow storm.
A quick wardrobe change.

And there he was. No picture of his first Eucharist as we did not have time to get into position.

Afterwards I realized we did not get a group picture with godparents and family and Father. But I quickly saw an opportunity to get most everybody in this shot. His godmother is just leaving the church. I thought it was pretty successful given the last minuteness. Oh, and there was a football game that night and traffic was horrible. My brother texted me saying Father was looking for a baby. we arrived a couple minutes later and walked right in and Father started the opening prayers.
Shane's parents arrived a bit later and the godparents just a little before the actual baptism.

Standing there, holding Malachi, next to Shane reciting the creed gave me an overwhelming sense of awe, together with responsibility, gratefulness, and the feeling that everything at that moment was just the way it was supposed to be and it was humbling to be able to participate in something so incredible.  It was not just me. Shane said afterwards he felt the same. That it was perfect.

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